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Signature Kitchen Suite by LG

In April 2022 I had the opportunity to attend training of LG Signature Kitchen Suite appliances at their brand training facility in Napa California.
The LG Signature Kitchen Suite brand is doing some interesting and fun things for the modern home kitchen. They have a lot of advanced cooking technology available for the home chef that previously was only available to fine dining chefs in the restaurant industry.
I’m impressed with their 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with a Sous Vide water well, two Induction burners, four gas burners, an electric convection oven, and a Steam-Convection secondary oven capable of full steam, convection baking, or a combination of both!
I call this the everything range. It has every cooking function someone would need or want in a modern home kitchen appliance package. This range is a great option for anyone interested in induction burners but not yet ready to switch away from gas burners completely.
Another interesting piece in the Signature Kitchen Suite product line is the 30-inch Combi Wall Oven. This is a double wall oven unit with a lower steam-assist convection oven and an upper speed oven similar to the GE Advantium oven. (I was told that LG actually helped GE develop the Advantium technology and now can incorporate it into their products.)
I really like the convenience of a speed oven to produce nutritious well-made gourmet food for a busy family without sacrificing the quality of dinner by being exclusively a microwave. Another benefit is that it has the same interaction style as a microwave with pre-programmed cooking cycles with automatic shut off. I would be comfortable having a responsible child, when age appropriate, to use a speed oven before I would let them use a range or wall oven.
Overall I think the Signature Kitchen Suite line by LG is a well-made modern premium Appliance brand offering technologically advanced features and functions. There is a lot of precision and control built into these products that is similar to restaurant grade appliances that I’m familiar with from the Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant industry.
Thanks to LG and their training staff for having me at their training facility in Napa to experience firsthand what their products can do. A special thank you to Chef Nick for all the amazing food and his insightful Chef perspective on these appliances and how folks can use them in their homes
Eat well,
Chef Andrew Forlines