Kitchen Essential: Microplane Zester

I love the Microplane zester. It is an absolute must-have for any kitchen. It is perfect for zesting citrus fruit, finely grating cheeses, freshly grating a bit of spices like nutmeg, and so much more.

The blades stay sharp for a long time due to the unique manufacturing process and are the ideal depth for zesting just the flavorful citrus skin and none of the bitter white pith underneath. I add a little lemon zest to many dishes to lighten them up with a touch of lively acidity. Sautéed vegetables, soups, salads, cream sauces, even rich dairy desserts benefit from a little lemon zest to balance out richness of a dish.

(Full disclosure; I receive a small commission for product sold through referral links. That being said, I only post about products on my website that I genuinely use and like.)

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