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Select the right portfolio of appliances for your project. There are more types of appliances available to the modern homeowner than ever before with complicated and advanced technology. I offer consultations to homeowners in how to determine which technologies suit their lifestyle best. It is never too early in the kitchen design process to contact me by yourself or in conjunction with your kitchen designer or architect.


I have developed a variety of in-depth training curricula that cover advanced technology in modern home appliances, cooking techniques, and the food science behind how and why this technology works. Lessons are interactive, relatable, and accessible to a variety of audiences. My curricula include unified talking points, technology explanations, and customer interaction tips from my five-star fine-dining chef experience and perspective.  


From being a selected speaker at KBIS 2020, presenting at local NKBA chapter events, training appliance sales staff and kitchen designers, to in-home cooking lessons and guest chef instructor at various educational institutions, I have presented to audiences large and small. I am certified by both the National Kitchen and Bath Association and International Design Continuing Education Council to provide Continuing Education Unit presentations for their Interior and Kitchen Designer members.


I will teach designers about the newest and most advanced appliance technologies available for the residential consumer and how to guide clients through the selection process. I will train residential appliance retail sales staff to better understand the expanding catalog of appliance technologies and how to convey to clients the benefits to them. Gain a competitive edge by becoming the appliance technology experts in your market. I offer the resources and content to correct common misunderstandings regarding cooking appliances and technologies. It is my goal to enable staff to communicate with consistent talking points and minimize technology misunderstandings.

Contact me today to discuss the variety of training options available

  • Sales staff training

  • Host a design summit with an advanced appliance technology presentation

  • Demo chef training for optimal in-showroom appliance demonstrations

  • Host an NKBA chapter meeting or CEU presentation