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Appliance Demonstration Program

Comprehensive resources, training and education on modern appliance selection

I have spent many years now in the residential appliance industry. I am struck by the divide between the commercial and residential appliance industries as well as the gap between the culinary world and the premium appliance consumer. I strive to bridge these gaps by sharing my experiences in each realm with all of the others. There are more resources available now than ever before for all of these industries and I am able to help information flow between them. The first step is knowing what to look for!

For Appliance Retailers and Manufacturers I offer a comprehensive Culinary Demonstration Program for maximizing your market impact with defined procedures and protocol for in-person cooking and appliance demonstrations. From finding the right demonstration chefs to training them on properly highlighting appliance features and functions to a complete program outline with defined steps of action and protocols, I can dramatically elevate any demonstration program and give your brand an edge in the market.

I have years of experience as both an appliance demonstration chef working with customers in showrooms and as a Culinary Director for a premium appliance retailer with several showrooms overseeing and training a rotating roster of chefs. I offer the tools necessary to bring the refined presentation and rigor of high standards of fine dining restaurants to retail appliance showrooms.

I offer a wide range of product evaluation and development opportunities. From product testing, written and video product reviews to development stage product usability/feature input, customer training and communication insights, and much more. If you have a food preparation product at any stage of development or already on the market, I can offer another perspective on product and consumer communication. I am an end-user advocate who has spent years working one-on-one with consumers in the home food preparation appliance industry.

I am well versed in distilling complex technologies and cooking techniques into accessible bite-sized lessons that customers and sales staff can relate to. I offer customer education talking points and marketing materials development.  I am adept at identifying customer comprehension sticking points and creating new ways of effectively communicate a product’s capabilities and appeal.

I offer support in:

  • Product Development

  • Customer Education

  • Retail Sales Staff Training

  • Marketing Materials

  • Product Feature and Function of Talking Points