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do you feel overwhelmed by all of the choices Available for the home kitchen?

Chef Andrew Forlines is here to help home cooks and kitchen designers select with confidence.

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Appliance Buying 101

Overview of home kitchen appliance categories and tips to navigate the purchase process.

Introduction to Induction

What is induction cooking?

Should you use induction cooking instead of gas?

Learn this and more!

Steam Ovens Explained

The gold standard in commercial kitchens is now available to homeowners everywhere.

Sous Vide Cooking

everything you need to know about Sous Vide cooking at home.

Induction Cook-a-long

Buy a Hestan Cue induction System and learn how to use it in this interactive class.

Meet Chef Andrew Forlines

My passion for fine dining, home cooking, food science, and technology have led me to teach folks all about the latest and greatest home kitchen appliances.

I came up through the ranks in the kitchens of Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado, learning traditional culinary fundamentals under internationally acclaimed chefs.

then I immersed myself into the Molecular Gastronomy movement spending time in the kitchens of Alinea, Moto, and North Pond in Chicago.

I now use my experience to teach home cooks how to use modernist cuisine technology in home kitchen appliances to accomplish fine dining results at home.

Induction Cooking for the win.

I’m a huge fan of induction powered burners.

I like induction more than gas burners for the home kitchen.

A great way to start using induction cooking is with the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System. It is a counter-top plug-in burner that connects to a heat sensing pan, and app, for synchronized video guided recipes for a confidence booster cooking experience. Learn new recipes as you cook!

Residential Kitchen Consultant

overwhelmed by all of the home kitchen appliance options available?

Let me be your guide through the residential kitchen appliance design and purchasing process.

We take the guesswork out of kitchen technology. We are your expert guide into the world of large kitchen appliances, helping you design your dream kitchen where you’ll entertain family and friends for a lifetime.

Sign up for a webinar or book a private consultation with Chef AF Consulting today to gain the industry insider knowledge you need to understand the ever-growing variety of home kitchen appliance brands and models.

Oven Knob with LED readshot showing temperature

Chef Andrew Forlines, the founder of Chef AF Consulting, wants everyone to be informed and to make their home kitchen appliance selection with confidence. He is an expertly trained chef with experience working at world-class, five-star resorts. He blends his culinary arts, food science, and appliance technology expertise as a kitchen consultant for homeowners, designers, and retailers to create functional, innovative, and stylish kitchens. Through private consulting, online courses, and interior design programs, Chef AF Consulting dispels the mystery behind kitchen technology.

What the People say:

Chef Andrew is interested in his clients’ needs and presents information in an entertaining and enthusiastic way.


Meredith P.

Chef Andrew was very informative and knowledgeable about each appliances brand


Ire E.

We have a Sous Vide and it is AMAZING! Especially when entertaining because it is perfect every time! Thanks chef Andrew!! Great presentation!!




Dana R.
Kitchen Designer
Decorators and Designers Association of Canada

Chef Andrew creates a friendly, welcoming environment for his clients.  His events are always worth attending!


Heather C.

Great chef.  Tasty food and I gained a lot of cooking knowledge.



Kevin M.

I only accept perfectly cooked meat now, because I know how easy it is to sous vide.  I used to eat out for 90% of my meals, but thanks to my kitchen having more function and less hurdles, almost all my meals are home prepped.



Shihan Q.

Thanks kindly. This CEU presentation was great. I feel much more confident with my upcoming project.




Lorraine I.
Kitchen Designer
Decorators and Designers Association of Canada

Thanks for the CEU presentation! I just designed a kitchen and have used all the modern home appliances! I’m very excited to share that soon!






Rachel G.
Kitchen Designer, Decorators and Designers Association of Canada
Decorators and Designers Association of Canada

Chef Andrew relates easily with the attendees and makes cooking accessible to all.



Craig B.

Chef Andrew has seamless hosting abilities and you can always look forward to the food.


Seth I.

Chef Andrew is very patient and thorough in his teaching.  His food is also very good!  It’s hard to find someone with a talent who can also share that talent.


Erin B.

I would highly recommend Chef Andrew’s cooking technology class.  Chef Andrew had a deep and detailed knowledge on cooking technology.


Ire E.

What Chef Andrew says about the food science and physics behind what’s happening with the food is extremely fascinating and topical.  He also fields all questions, and takes the time to explain the successes behind what he’s doing.  The understanding he imparts speaks for itself the next time you cook.


Jennifer G.

Excellent presentation!!!


Stacey P.
Kitchen Designer
Decorators and Designers Association of Canada

Class is very informative. I learned a lot about cooking tips and what appliances do best and how to use the appliances you’re cooking on.  Would highly recommend.






Charles D.
Sales Associate
Appliance Retailer

Sometimes you have no idea how backwards the typical cooking norms are, until you have someone show you what you’re missing out on.  I certainly have Chef Andrew to thank for my current kitchen hardware decisions.



Shihan Q.

When Chef Andrew has hosted events about cooking technology it has always been incredibly interesting, informative, and easy to understand.



Meredith P.
Chef Andrew’s impressive production demos in gastronomy show me his focus is on the food, not sales.


Shihan Q.

Great presentation !!


Caroline H.
Kitchen Designer
Decorators and Designers Association of Canada

Chef Andrew is very knowledgeable and personable.  He is a wonderful presenter, and I would absolutely recommend any of his events for picking his brain for future appliance purchases.


Diane Y.

It’s rare to find food professionals who are both proficient and compassionate. Chef Andrew possesses a rare combination of knowledge and skill along with a drive to share with the community. The world could use more Chef Andrews!


Craig B.



Chef Andrew regularly presents at the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Convention, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), and at other NKBA chapter meetings across the nation. He is available for private speaking arrangements, lectures, and kitchen demos.

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